Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register?

Add the Program/Item to your cart on our website, fill out the form, make your payment and your registration will be complete.

2. What are the rules for beach volleyball?

The rules for the EVP Beach Volleyball Court Rules and Regulations can be found at the following link:

EVP Rules and Regulations

3. Where can I find Standings for the Adult League? 

Standings will be updated approximately every 4 weeks, you can find them on the website under Adult Beach/ Spring Summer Leagues/ Summer Standings.

4.  Can I sign up as an Individual?

We accept registrations for both Individual and teams.

5. Can I request specific times and schedules for my team?

On the schedule we try to make it so everyone plays at every time so it is fair to everyone, we will not make changes to the schedule once its made.

6. If I have missed the registration deadline what can I do?

Email Matt Green at Mattgreenevp@gmail.com, if it is possible we will do our best to make room for you in the league. (team or Individual)

7. How can i find my schedule? 

Schedule will be posted on the website under Adult beach/ Spring Summer Leagues/ Schedule

8. Why did my schedule change?

If a schedule changed it was to fix an error or because a team had notified us that they wont be able to make it that night

9. What if it is raining and or lightning? 

The official policy is we play through the rain but stop at the first sight of lightning, if the facility manager decides that the rain is to heavy and unable to play in we will send a mass email out trying to notify everyone that there will not be volleyball that night.

10. What happens if a game is cancelled due to weather? 

We will do our best to reschedule the games but with the 16 week schedule there really is no room to reschedule games if it is cancelled most likely that will be it.

11. Can i get contact info for another member of the EVP league?

EVP will not give out any contact info to anyone, if  you need to contact someone, we can contact them for you.