Since Its Inception, Over 300 Kids Who Have Played In One Of Our House Leagues Have Moved On To Play Rep With The EVP Eagles!


League Options

Spring Session: Mar 23rd - Jun 7th

Indoor Volleyball House League

EVP is excited to announce the return of Indoor House League in the new year. Over the last two years this has been our fastest growing program seeing over 500 athletes participate in our program annually.  Our Coaching staff has worked hard over the summer to provide the best possible program, with new drills, skills and techniques to help take our athletes to the next level. In 2017, we saw 40% of kids from the EVP house leagues compete in the Ontario Volleyball Association with EVP or other clubs in the surrounding area. What makes our program unique is that players get a feel of what it is like to be a rep player without the pressure. House League is a place where players of every skill level can come and truly develop their passion and love for this amazing sport.


What you need to know about House League

Program includes:

  • Weekly practices
  • Sunday games
  • Practice shirt and game jersey
  • 60 mins of scheduled game time each week.
  • Medals and awards
  • EVP Rep Coaches

If you’re ready to “fly like an Eagle” sign up now to become a part of one the fastest growing clubs in Ontario.  This will be an experience your kid never forgets.