EVP is always expanding and providing more programs for all ages. Our goal at EVP is to provide volleyball to everyone who loves the game and wants to play and get better. As one of Ontario's fastest-growing clubs, we have seen massive increases in the amount of interest for our programs. As a result, we need more coaches to get trained and be ready to coach so we can offer more programming to our community. At EVP, we are a family; players, coaches, and parents all go on the journey together with fun team outings, regular practices and games, camps, clinics, Rep teams and House Leagues. All members of EVP feel like they are home when they come into the gym and see their coaches and peers.

We are looking for experienced coaches and young, passionate volleyball players who are looking to begin their coaching journey. Please see below for positions we are looking to fill and if interested, reach out using our Contact Us page.

Experienced Rep Coaches

We are looking for coaches who have previously coached Rep teams and are looking for a club that puts the athletes above winning and the love of the game before medals. As a club, we are consistently setting new records when it comes to our medal count but that has never been, and never will be, why we do what we do. We are here for the players and the love of the game. We expect our coaches to take the group of players in front of them and increase their skills and abilities on and off the court. We do not rate our coaches based on medals won, but on how much their team loves their coaching and developing their players in a fun and inclusive environment. Rep Coaches should be prepared to coach 2-3 times per week as well as 7-12 tournaments a season.

Compensation for Rep Head Coaches will vary depending on experience, availability, and capabilities. Head Coaches will receive $3000-$5000 per season.

House League Coaches

We pride ourselves on having the best House League program in Ontario! With over 1000 players playing annually, we are always looking for Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches for our House League program. We are looking for coaches who have some experience in volleyball and have an interest in coaching, as well as young 17-21-year-olds who are looking to start their coaching journey.

House League coaches can work 1-5 days a week depending on what availability the coach has and can expect to receive minimum wage - $25/hr, dependent on experience. EVP will provide training for coaches in many forms so if you are interested in becoming a coach and are passionate about volleyball, do not worry, we can bring you up to speed with the program and how to coach and rely on your passion for the game to be the driver of your success as a coach.

High School and Varsity Players

Anyone with playing experience at a high school or varsity level who loves the game and everything it gave to them has a great opportunity to become a strong coach with training and experience. If you have played the game at a competitive level and want to start your coaching journey, we would love to hear from you. Coaches can expect to receive minimum wage - $25/hr dependent on age as well as experience.