2023 OVA Beach Tour

EVP is proud to be hosting several of the OVA Beach Tour tournaments this summer! See below for more details and head over to the OVA website to complete registration.

Date Age Group Event
May 2013UG/17UGSilver
May 2114UG/18UGSilver
May 2715UG/Youth Open FemaleSilver
May 2812UG/16UGSilver
June 313UG/15UGSilver
June 414USilver
June 1112UG/16UGSilver
June 1713UG/15UGSilver
June 1814U/16UGSilver
June 2516USilver
July 813USilver
July 914U/16UGSilver
July 2215USilver
July 2314UG/16UGSilver

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beach-development img4
beach-adult-league-pick-up Featured


EVP Beach Courts
3091 Ninth Line, Mississauga