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EVP Eagles

The EVP Eagles Rep Volleyball program was established in 2012 to provide youth of all ages the opportunity to play volleyball at the highest level in Ontario. Here at EVP, our focus is to establish a platform and offer ongoing growth opportunity for every individual to reach their fullest potential, both on and off the court. We value every athlete equally, regardless of height, skill level, or experience – a positive, inclusive environment will always take priority.

To date, well over 100 of our house league athletes have successfully made the jump to our Eagles program, experiencing the sport at the OVA level, winning provincial medals, and being highly ranked in the province from ages as young as 12U. EVP always welcomes new athletes with open arms, providing a cohesive, fair-play opportunity between them and their teammates. We take great pride in creating an environment that often creates life-long friendships.

Beyond immediate success, our true passion is to provide a love for the game that hopefully carries through the rest of our athlete’s lives. To us, inspiring our youth to love the sport is worth more than any medal.

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