Who We Are

EVP was formed in 2012 to provide one thing – a life-long opportunity to play the sport of volleyball at any age. Whether it is on the court or in the sand, EVP is a place where you can have fun, develop your game, and enjoy volleyball for life. We value every individual the same, regardless of height, skill level, or experience. A positive, inclusive environment will always be our TOP priority.

At EVP, we pride ourselves on being able to provide programs for everyone. Whether you are a new player or have been playing all your life, EVP has the program for you. Our development and house leagues are our best stepping-stone towards eventually playing in our EVP Eagles rep program.

Over the age of 18? EVP provides co-ed adult leagues that run year-round, transitioning from the court in the winter to our very own beach facility in the summer. We offer a variety of divisions to assure an environment that suits you best. Sign up as a team to enjoy the game as a group or sign up as an individual and make new friends who love the game like you do. You will quickly find that EVP is more than a place to just play once a week, it is a family who welcomes you back with open arms to play a sport we all love.

volleyball for all, volleyball for life!

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EVP runs a variety of Youth Camps

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