Indoor Volleyball Camps

  • Development Level

    Development camps are designed to help players grow their skills in a fun atmosphere. These camps are perfect for players who love the sport and want to play and get better. We work on a wide range of skills and drills to help players understand the basics of 3-hit volleyball (Bump, Set, Spike). Campers will receive lots of reps in a fun atmosphere where we are always encouraging kids to have fun and love the sport as they get better and more capable at all skills. These camps are for all skill levels, beginner to intermediate. Perfect for anyone who is currently in our Development League, House League or any other development-level programs or is just starting volleyball for the first time. 

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  • Prospect Level


    Players who are enrolled in one of our programs and are identified by the coaching staff as a future prospect for the Rep program will be added to a list of "Future Prospects". Prospect camps will be Rep-level focused and will start preparing players for the Rep program. By selecting groups of players, we expect to see a group that pushes each other to get better and work harder than in a regular development camp.  To register for these camps, players must have received an invite. Coaches are looking at many different parts of a player's abilities in order to be a prospect including but not limited to Skill, Height, Athleticism, Coachability, Leadership, and Positivity.

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  • REP Level

    EVP Rep level camps focus on building skills and getting a significant amount of high-quality touches. Players will run through drills focused on basic and advanced skills and receive a high amount of repetitions in order to build muscle memory of certain skills. These camps will also introduce advanced skills like jump serving, digging, jump setting, and more. Only for current or past Rep players.

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