EVP was formed in 2012 to provide one thing – a life-long opportunity to play the sport of volleyball at any age. Whether it is on the court or in the sand, EVP is a place where you can have fun, develop your game, and enjoy volleyball for life. We value every individual the same, regardless of height, skill level, or experience. A positive, inclusive environment will always be our TOP priority.

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FOUNDER / President

Matt Green

Matt Green is the Founder and President of EVP and EVP Eagles. EVP started for the sake of a handful of kids looking for a club to play for, and with Green’s passion for the game developed into an established club that features adult programs, youth development programs along with over 13 rep teams that wear the EVP Eagles banner as they compete in the OVA. Green is primarily a beach player, who learned the game through competition against former national team players. A late bloomer to the sport, Green created EVP with the foundation that the goal is always to provide youth the opportunity he never had. High volleyball IQ and good ball control makes Green a deadly adversary on the sand, and a formidable setter.

Green expects his players to feel the love of the game through success and small accomplishments. His goal is to provide a place for kids to learn and play the game, the option to take their skills to the next level and a place for kids to be inspired.

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Director of Operations

Erin Green

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Program Director / Head Coach

Riley Cullis

Riley started her career with EVP in 2016, having exercised all of her playing years as a member of both the EVP Eagles and Burlington Blaze, where she won Provincial Silver and Gold medals, along with a National Silver medal. A defensive anchor, Cullis has been capable of bringing her mental strength from her competition days and dedicate it towards coaching a young team.

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Head of Administration

Meghan Bruyn

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Head Coach

Mike Brzek

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Program Coordinator / Head Coach

Cameron Merrigan

Matt S

Social / Marketing / Head Coach

Matt Stubbert

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Head Coach

Kirby Cuellar

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House League Head Coach

Jenn Agard

Steve Green headshot

Head Coach

Stephen Green

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Head Coach

Jo-Anne hebert


Head Coach

Varnika Singh

Are you interested in inspiring young athletes? Have a passion for volleyball?