2023 Pre-Tryout Rep Skills Clinics

Fall is just around the corner and our team at EVP couldn’t be more excited for the Rep season to begin. Every summer, EVP ensures that all athletes have the ability to tune their skills before our fall tryout period. Like previous years, we have split up our training clinics based on specific skills that athletes need to perform at the next level. Each clinic is run by coaches with an expertise in each skill, ensuring the best feedback for our athletes! 


This year we are offering the following clinics:

  • Skills Clinic: Focuses on all volleyball skills. This includes hitting, passing, serving, and court awareness. This clinic will be beneficial to athletes that are looking to tune all their skills before the coming tryouts this fall. 

  • Passing Clinic: Focuses primarily on the defensive side of volleyball. This includes passing, serve receive, footwork, positioning, and court awareness. 

  • Outside Hitting Clinic: Focuses on the left side and right side positions. The session will cover a variety of attacking strategies and tips as well as defensive positioning. Players will receive lots of hitting repetitions allowing players to get back into their best form. 

  • Middle Clinic: Focuses on the middle position. This clinic will review how middle players can attack and block. Key abilities such as footwork and positioning will be reviewed thoroughly allowing players to understand the position as well. 

  • Setting Clinic: Focuses on the setting position. Players in this clinic will receive a large volume of setting repetitions. Coaches will break down individuals’ form, positioning, and footwork. 

  • Serving Clinic: Focuses on different types of serving and techniques to gain power and consistency on serves. 


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