Beach Adult League Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Rain Cancellations: *All leagues play rain or shine. We will send out an email cancelling games if there is lighting but we will only cancel within a half hour of the posted start time*


Recreational 6’s

Indoor rules apply to recreational 6’s 

  • Can volley on a serve 
  • Can volley on free balls 
  • Can open hand tip 
  • 5 serves max then rotate to the next player


Intermediate 6’s 

Indoor rules apply to intermediate 6’s 

  • Can volley on serve
  • Can volley on free balls
  • Can open hand tip
  • There is no limit on number of serves per player


Intermediate 4’s 

  • No volley on serve
  • No open hand tips
  • Block counts as a touch
  • No volley on free balls (must be hard driven hit)
  • There is no limit on number of serves per player


Competitive 4’s 

  • No volley on serve
  • No open hand tips
  • Block counts as a touch
  • No volley on free balls (must be hard driven hit)
  • There is no limit on number of serves per player


Rain Cancellations: *All leagues play rain or shine, we will send out an email cancelling if there is lighting but we will only cancel within a half hour of the posted start time*


  1. Player Requirements

Competitive, Intermediate, & Recreational 6’s are played with 6 players on the court. Anything less than 4 players will result in a default. Intermediate & Competitive 4’s are played with 4 players on the court. A minimum of 1 female and 1 male must be on the court at all times for all 4’s divisions, a minimum of 2 females and 2 males must be on the court for all 6’s divisions.


  1. Start Time  

If a team does not meet the minimum requirement of five minutes after the official match start, they will default the first game by a score of 25‐0. If the minimum requirement is not met fifteen minutes after the match begins, then they will default the entire match; when possible, teams can reschedule games to allow short‐handed teams to acquire more players.


  1. Scoring

The team who wins the most games in the amount of time wins the match. All games timed or are played to 25 points with rally point scoring (ie. a point is scored on every serve) and must be won by 2 points, with a 27 point cap. The team that is ahead when the final whistle blows will be credited with a win for that game. If the two teams are tied in the game being played when the final whistle blows, then one rally point will be played to determine the winner of that game.


  1. Recording Scores

Scorekeeper/Referee will be responsible for keeping the score. Both captains must initial the score sheet at the end of the game for the score to be valid. Scores are to be recorded by games won and lost, with the winning team being circled.


  1. Referees

When no referee is present, the score keeper may be called upon to decide over a disputed call. If the score keeper is not willing, or able, to resolve the dispute, the point will be reserved. Teams are expected to be honest and foster a high level of sportsmanship at all times. We rely on your spirit of sportsmanship and honesty to keep the matches fun and enjoyable for all.


  1. Volleying (for 4s division only)

Once the ball is in play (after the serve), you may volley the first hit, however, it must be a clean volley (ie.very little spin) and may only be volleyed to a teammate and not over the net. Competitive 4’s division cannot volley a “free” ball, it must be a hard driven hit. A second hit may be volleyed over the net only if you are intentionally setting your attacker for them to spike the ball (the ball is allowed to drift over the net).


  1. Player Rotations

In 4’s divisions, you do not have to rotate your players around the court, but you must rotate your servers. In 6’s divisions, you must follow the same rotation as in court volleyball ‐ ie. players must rotate positions (from back right, to middle back, to back left, to front left, to front middle, to front right). In addition, players in the back court may not attack or block from the front court (although there is no attack line, please respect this rule).


  1. Blocking

In 6s division, if a player blocking touches the ball on the block, it is counted as the first touch. The blocker may play the ball off his/her own block. These two contacts are counted as one touch. In 4s division, the above counts as two touches.


  1. Playing the Ball

Players may play the ball off any part of their body. However, please refrain from kicking the ball as you may accidentally kick the ball or sand into another player. 


  1. Contacting the net and crossing under the net

Players may not touch the net at any time during play. A player may cross under the net without violation as long as they do not touch anyone on the other team or interfere with them playing the ball or make contact with the net. A player is then allowed to return to their own side and play continues.


  1. Courtside Changes

In sunny or windy conditions, where one side of the court offers an advantage, teams will change sides after every 10 points scored.


  1. Scoring

Points will be rewarded as follows:

‐ Two points per win

‐ Bonus point per match win


  1. Playoffs

All teams play in the playoffs during the last two weeks of the season.


  1. Personal Belongings

Please place all personal belongings on the patio area to avoid any injuries! Please keep children clear of the court area.


Court Etiquette

Please keep the courts safe for all players. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are bikes allowed on the courts. This is for the safety of players on all courts. Beach chairs and lawn chairs are permitted on the patio area.