We wanted to thank everyone again for participating in our Rep tryouts this year.

We have completed our offers and have selected our teams and players for the 2022-2023 season.

Making the decisions for our teams are always incredibly difficult and we appreciate the large volume of participants that came out and showed a lot of talent and passion for the game of volleyball.

We encourage those who have not been selected to continue working on their development by participating in our youth development programs listed on our website and we hope to see you again at next year’s tryouts.

Lastly, the OVA has issued a survey for families to provide feedback on their experiences with the OVA Tryout Window process. We encourage families to consider taking a few moments to reflect on yours and your child’s experience and provide feedback using the link below:

How Was the 2022-23 Tryout Window? Let the OVA Know Through This Survey

Thanks again,

EVP Team


Time to clean off the sand and strap on your laces! 

Our team at EVP has been working extremely hard to prepare for the upcoming season and has made new additions to our Fall program offerings. This year we have added a boys-only development league and a new advanced house league for 15U Girls! None of these changes would have been possible without the support of our community and as a team, we would like to thank all the families & individuals who have helped us get to this stage. 

Fall 2022 Program Information 

Indoor Girls House Leagues (U13 – U15)

As our fastest-growing program, EVP has committed a lot of time and resources to improve our house leagues. Over the summer our team set a goal of providing the best possible programs including new drills, skills, and techniques to help athletes take it to the next level. This year we have added a new Advanced House League program allowing seasoned U15 girls the chance to play in a more challenging environment! In 2019 alone we saw that 40% of our house league players moved on to compete at the rep level with EVP or other clubs surrounding the area! 

Why choose our house league?

  • Players trained by EVP’s Rep Coaches 
  • Play time twice a week (1 practice and 1 game day)
  • Players receive practice shirts and game-day jerseys
  • Medals and Awards
  • Opportunity to compete in 1 house league tournament per session 
  • EVP House Leagues are the fastest growing in Ontario!

What does a typical week look like?

  • One set night a week for team practice with one of our Rep Coaches (1 hr 30 min)
  • Sunday game days (1 hr of games)

For weekly session breakdowns and details on registration please follow the link below: https://evpcanada.com/house-league/ 

For Information and registration on Advanced House League please visit the link below: https://evpcanada.com/fall-2022-u15-girls-house-leagues/ 

Indoor Development Programs

Volleyball is a growing sport that we believe should be available to a variety of ages regardless of their skill! This Fall season we are offering three programs including: 

  • Spikes (Ages 6 – 9)
  • Development League (Ages 9 – 14)
  • High School Spike Out (Ages 14 – 17)

Spikes Program

The Spike program is for children aged 6 to 9 that focuses on making new friends, learning the basics of volleyball, and furthering skills to prepare for their future in volleyball! These programs run for 1 hour every week over a 7-10 week period! 

Below shows each sessions breakdown and progression throughout the program:

For more information and registration, please follow the link: https://evpcanada.com/spikes/

Development League 

EVP Development League is a program offered to players that are new or have minimal experience in volleyball. Throughout each session, core skills and fundamentals are taught in a variety of drills followed by gameplay designed to implement the skills learned in each session. Each session is led by an OVA-certified coach that wants to see our players excel and move to the next level! 

Below shows each sessions breakdown and progression throughout the program: 

For more information and registration, please follow the link: https://evpcanada.com/development-league/

High School Spike Out Program

The High School Spike Out program is for athletes aged 14-17 who are past the development stage of volleyball and are looking for more gameplay. This program runs every Saturday from 1:30-3 PM and Sunday from 5:30-7 PM. Each session involves 30 minutes of skill development led by one of our rep coaches followed by 50-60 minutes of gameplay. 

For more information and registration, please follow the link: https://evpcanada.com/high-school-spike-out-program/ 

Indoor Adult League 

EVP Indoor Adult league is back in action and we are extremely excited to see teams show out. This league offers a great opportunity for friends to get together and play in a variety of different skilled pools. Our league options are: 

  • Competitive Co-Ed 6’s: Tuesday nights (8:15 – 11:15 PM) @ Clearview Christian Reformed Church 
  • Intermediate Co-Ed 6’s: Wednesday nights (9 – 11 PM) @ Clearview Christian Reformed Church
  • Intermediate Co-Ed 6’s: Thursday night (7:30 – 9:30 PM) @ St. Mildred’s Lightbourn School 

Each team must consist of at least six players and must have a minimum of 2 female players to compete. 

For more information and registration, please visit the link: https://evpcanada.com/adult-indoor-programs-2/ 

EVP Summer End Beach Party and Pick-Up – Sept. 9th & 10th

For the last 6 months, EVP has been working hard to get a food license at the beach courts and we have finally been approved. We would like to hold a small event this weekend to celebrate and are hoping the EVP families would like to join.
The event will include food, alcohol, pick-up volleyball for youth and adults, giveaways and the EVP Garage Sale where we will have discounted EVP clothing from previous seasons.
Friday, September 9th – 6:00-11:00 pm – $5 entry fee per person (cash only)
Saturday, September 10th – 6:00-11:00 pm – $5 entry fee per person (cash only)

located at 3091 Ninth Line, Mississauga


We hope you can come and support the club! Everyone is welcome so please feel free to invite some friends or family and have a fun night out with us!
We ask that no outside food or alcohol is allowed to be brought to the facility.

Hope to see you there!


EVP Team



It’s that time of the year again!

This year our team wanted to ensure that everyone has the chance to tune their skills before tryouts this Fall. From August 27th to September 9th, we will be running our Rep Skills Clinics with a variety of our best coaches. Each coach has been specifically selected for our clinics based on their experience, expertise, and knowledge. Due to our wide selection of skilled coaches, we are happy to announce we will be running six specific skills clinics as shown below: 

  • Skills Clinic: Focuses on ALL volleyball skills including serving, passing, setting, hitting, and more. This clinic is encouraged for all players who want to tune up all of their skills before tryouts!
    • Aug 27th @ John Knox (2-4 PM): 12U – 15U with Coach Riley & Coach Cam 
    • Aug 27th @ Clearview (10 AM – 12): 12U – 15U With Coach Gavin & Coach Matt
    • Aug 28th @ John Knox (2 – 4 PM): 12U – 15U With Coach Gavin 
    • Aug 29th @ John Knox (6 – 8 PM): 14U – 16U With Coach Robbie 
    • Sept 7th @ John Knox (6 – 8 PM): 12U – 14U With Coach Cam
    • Sept 9th @ John Knox (6 – 8 PM): 12U – 15U With Coach Robbie
  • Passing Clinic: Focuses on a variety of passing skills that are key to performing in a competitive environment. 
    • Aug 27th @ Clearview (2 – 4 PM): 15U – 18U With Coach Gavin & Coach Matt
    • Aug 29th @ Clearview (4 – 6 PM): 12U – 15U With Coach Ben 
    • Aug 30th @ Clearview (6 – 8 PM): 14U – 16U With Coach Ben 
    • Aug 31st @ John Knox (8 – 10 PM): 12U – 15U With Coach Gavin
    • Sept 1st @ Clearview (6 – 8 PM): 14U – 17U With Coach Ben 
    • Sept 9th @ John Knox (8 – 10 PM): 14U – 16U With Coach Robbie
    • Sept 8th @ John Knox (8 – 10 PM): 15U – 18U With Coach Riley 
  • Outside Hitting Clinic: Focuses on the left and right side positions, including attacking and passing. 
    • Aug 27th @ John Knox (10 AM – 12): 15U – 18U With Coach Cam & Coach Sarah
    • Aug 28th @ John Knox (10 AM – 12): 15U – 18U With Coach Gavin 
    • Aug 29th @ Clearview (6 – 8 PM): 14U – 16U With Coach Ben 
    • Aug 30th @ John Knox (6 – 8 PM): 15U – 18U With Coach Cam
    • Sept 6th @ Clearview (8 – 10 PM): 15U – 18U With Coach Gavin & Coach Matt
    • Sept 7th @ John Knox (8 – 10 PM): 14U – 16U With Coach Cam
    • Sept 8th @ Clearview (6 – 8 PM): 14U – 16U With Coach Gavin & Coach Matt
  • Middle Clinic: Focuses on Middle blocker position, including hitting and blocking from middle.
    • Sept 6th @ Clearview (6 – 8 PM): 15U – 18U With Coach Gavin & Coach Matt
  • Setting Clinic: Focuses on the setter position. There will be a high volume of reps in this clinic allowing setters to find their rhythm. 
    • Aug 27th @ John Knox (12 – 2 PM): 15U – 18U With Coach Sarah & Coach Cam 
    • Sept 6th @ John Knox (6 – 8 PM): 14U – 16U With Coach Sarah 
  • Serving Clinic: Focuses on different types of serving and techniques to gain power and consistency in the serve.  
    • Aug 27th @ Clearview (12 – 2 PM): 15U – 18U With Coach Gavin & Coach Matt
    • Aug 28th @ John Knox (12 – 2 PM): 12U – 15U With Coach Gavin 
    • Aug 29th @ John Knox (8 – 10 PM): 12U – 15U With Coach Robbie
    • Aug 30th @ John Knox (8 – 10 PM): 14U – 18U Jump Serve Clinic With Coach Cam 
    • Aug 30th @ Clearview (4 – 6 PM): 12U – 15U With Coach Ben 
    • Aug 31st @ John Knox (6 – 8 PM): 14U – 18U Jump Serve Clinic With Coach Gavin
    • Sept 1st @ Clearview (4 – 6 PM): 15U – 18U With Coach Ben 
    • Sept 6th @ John Knox (8 – 10 PM): 12U – 14U With Coach Sarah 
    • Sept 8th @ John Knox (6 – 8 PM): 14U – 16U With Coach Riley 

With the completion of our Rep Skills Clinics, we will be jumping into our Fall 2022 Eagles tryouts! Tryouts will be held from September 10th – 19th with all dates and information displayed below: 

  • 11U / 12U Girls Tryouts 
    • Sept 13th @ Clearview (6 – 7:30 PM)
    • Sept 18th @ St. Mildred’s (9 – 10:30 AM)
  • 13U Girls Tryouts
    • Sept 14th @ Clearview (7 – 8:30 PM) 
    • Sept 18th @ St. Mildred’s (10:30 AM – 12) 
  • 14U Girls Tryouts – A
    • Sept 10th @ Clearview (9 – 10:30 AM)
    • Sept 17th @ Clearview (9 – 10:30 AM)
  • 14U Girls Tryouts – B
    • Sept 10th @ Clearview (10:30 AM – 12)
    • Sept 17th @ Clearview (10:30 AM – 12)
  • 15U Girls Tryouts – A 
    • Sept 10th @ Clearview (12 – 1:30 PM)
    • Sept 17th @ Clearview (12 – 1:30 PM)
  • 15U Girls Tryouts – B
    • Sept 10th @ Clearview (1:30 – 3 PM)
    • Sept 17th @ Clearview (1:30 – 3 PM)
  • 16U Girls Tryouts – A
    • Sept 10th @ Clearview (3 – 4:30 PM)
    • Sept 14th @ Clearview (8:30 – 10 PM)
  • 16U Girls Tryouts – B 
    • Sept 10th @ Clearview (4:30 – 6 PM)
    • Sept 13th @ Clearview (7:30 – 9 PM) 
  • 16U Girls Tryouts – C
    • Sept 12th @ Clearview (6 – 7:30 PM)
    • Sept 18th @ St. Mildred’s (12 – 1:30 PM)
  • 17U Girls Tryouts – A 
    • Sept 12th @ Clearview (7:30 – 9 PM)
    • Sept 18th @ St. Mildred’s (1:30 – 3 PM)
  • 17U Girls tryouts – B 
    • Sept 12th @ John Knox (6 – 7:30 PM)
    • Sept 14th @ John Knox (6 – 7:30 PM)
  • 18U Girls Tryouts 
    • Sept 12th @ John Knox (7:30 – 9 PM)
    • Sept 14th @ John Knox (7:30 – 9 PM) 
  • 14U Boys Tryouts 
    • Sept 10th @ John Knox (3:30 – 5 PM)
    • Sept 17th @ John Knox (3:30 – 5 PM)
  • 15U Boys Tryouts 
    • Sept 13th @ John Knox (6 – 7:30 PM)
    • Sept 15th @ John Knox (6 – 7:30 PM) 
  • 17U Boys Tryouts 
    • Sept 13th @ John Knox (7:30 – 9 PM)
    • Sept 15th @ John Knox (7:30 – 9PM) 

Heatwave for SickKids Charity Beach Volleyball Tournament – Sept. 10th

Join SickKids on its mission to raise the $1.3 billion needed to build a new hospital.

EVP will be hosting Heatwave for SickKids Charity Beach Volleyball Tournament at our beach facility on Saturday, September 10th located at 3091 Ninth Line, Mississauga.

Grab some friends and create a team to participate! See below for details.

Event On-Line Team Registration: www.HeatwaveEvents.com

Registration Deadline is two weeks prior to event date (August 27th)


TEAM ENTRY FEE – $550 PER TEAM (plus HST) includes one official game volleyball.

Division Recreational:  Co-ed 6’s – 5 games. No Spiking. No Overhand Serves.

Division Competitive:  Co-ed 6’s – 5 games. Spiking and Overhand Serves Allowed.

Recommended Roster 6 to 10+ players. Minimum 2 females on court.

Estimated game time: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, followed by playoffs.


It’s that time of the year again! 

EVP is extremely excited to get started with our summer camps this year that will be run by our very own Jessie Nairn. This year, campers will have the opportunity to learn from an elite player while simultaneously growing their passion and love for volleyball. 

Jessie’s many years of volleyball experience excites our team as all of our campers are set for a great summer! Jessie has 12 years of competitive volleyball experience while 6 of those were spent playing for the McMaster women’s university team. Some of her major achievements are being named McMaster’s volleyball MVP for two years and receiving the award of merit in 2022. Jessie has won 1 OUA Gold medal and 1 silver during her six years at Mcmaster and is eager to share some of her experiences with her campers this summer! 

Each week our summer camps will have different themes in which campers will be competing for prizes. Some of which will include camp MVP’s, chances to win clothing, and much more!



The themes for this summer are as follows: 

Week 1 & 7 (July 4th – 8th & August 15th – 19th) – Amazing Race (Ages 9 -14) 

  • Will include an Amazing Race themed event on Friday as well as multiple competitions and prizes throughout the week. 

Week 2 & 5 (July 11th – 15th & August 2nd – 5th) – Sports Camp (Ages 9 -14)

  • Although we are running a volleyball camp, our organization supports all aspects of athleticism. Throughout this week we will be playing a variety of sports including road hockey, frisbee, soccer, and of course volleyball. 

Week 3 (July 18th – 22nd) – Eagles Week (Ages 9 -14) 

  • This week is meant for EVP rep players with the exception of some invites. The purpose of this week is to give our eagle’s players the opportunity to have a camp week to themself as well as meet members from all of our teams. 

Week 4 (July 25th – 29th) – Water World (Ages 9 – 14)

  • Fun in the Sun or Fun in the Water? Why not both! This week will involve water guns, water balloons, and anything water related!

Week 6 & 8 (August 8th – 12th & August 22nd – 26th) – Beach Volleyball Camp (Ages 9 – 14) 

  • This week provides an opportunity for players to learn everything beach volleyball related. Throughout the week coaches will teach players all the fundamentals of beach volleyball while intertwining competitions, games, and fun prizes! 

Registration and more information can be found at: 2022 Summer Camps – EVP Canada 


Shayne Palmer 

As of recent news, Shayne Palmer has decided to step down as Vice President into a Technical Director role. This move was hard thought upon and our team at EVP is fully supportive of Shayne’s decision. Moving forward, Shayne will be pursuing his passion of becoming a police officer while continuing to work with EVP part-time. Shayne will be returning to EVP come September and will be coaching partial nights throughout each week.

Shayne’s time with our organization has been nothing short of a blessing as the commitment, passion, and energy he brought has shaped what it means to be part of EVP. Throughout his many years, Shayne has been a role model not only to our players but staff members as well. In every opportunity Shayne helped train new coaches and create an atmosphere that our staff members wanted to be a part of. Shayne’s ability to be connected throughout all parts of EVP enabled us to build a family like culture that we as an organization will never stray from. 

As many already know, Shayne was also an elite coach that brought EVP to the level we are at today. Throughout the years, EVP has acquired many talented coaches and players that truly would not be at the level they are without Shayne’s guidance and knowledge. Moving forward our staff and coaches will be carrying his passion, knowledge, and love for the game as it has become part of who we are. 

We wish Shayne the best on his new career path and look forward to working with him further!


Jennifer Agard 

EVP is proud to welcome back Jennifer Agard who is joining as our new head of house leagues. With 15 years of playing experience and 20 plus years as a coach, we know Jennifer will be a valuable asset not only to our club but to the players as well. 

Jennifer’s volleyball career began in high school where she played club volleyball and soon after committed to George Brown college to play on the women’s varsity team. After her time at George Brown College, she continued to play in the OVA women’s league for 11 years! Jennifer’s coaching career is outstanding, to say the least, as she has coached at Burlington Blaze and the Sheridan women’s varsity team for 10 years. 

Outside of volleyball, Jennifer has had a very successful career. In the past, she has worked as a registered nurse in a cardiac unit, nurse recruiter in human resources, and human resources business partner with trillium health partners. As of now, Jennifer is working at Lee Hecht Harrison as a career consultant while working on her master’s part-time. 

Within the community, Jennifer stays very active as she sits on two boards including the Trinity Church Advisory board and Christians Against Poverty. Jennifer thoroughly enjoys music and pursues this passion through singing in her worship group at church. Jennifer also enjoys spending her time empowering others so that they can realize their potential.



Meghan Bruyn 

EVP is excited to announce Meghan Bruyn as our new head of administration and registration. Meghan is extremely excited to be working with EVP as she hopes to help carry out unforgettable experiences with all the families we are in contact with. 

Meghan has had 8 years of experience working at the YMCA where she supported their school-age child care department. Meghan started as an educator in the before and after school program in which she quickly moved up into various leadership roles within the organization. These roles included program supervisor and team lead which led her to the role of area manager for her remaining four years.

During her time at the YMCA, Meghan managed a team of 40 educators and supported them in running fun and successful licensed childcare programs in the city of Brantford. Meghan’s passion for working with youth and ensuring a positive, safe, and healthy environment is something our team at EVP values most noticeably.


Outside of work, Meghan loves to read, cook, garden, and run. Meghan is also currently on the path to becoming fluent in French as she has a 1000-plus day streak on the Duolingo app!

Meet EVP’s Newest Coaches

 Jessie Nairn

EVP is excited to announce the addition of Jessie Nairn to our team for the upcoming season. Jessie has many years of volleyball experience that extends from four years of club volleyball and six years on the McMaster Women’s volleyball team. 

As one of our new coaches, Jessie is very eager to pass on her knowledge and love for the game throughout our entire organization. Throughout the summer, Jessie will be leading our summer camps, giving players the opportunity to learn from an elite player as well as find their love for the game.

Outside of volleyball, Jessie has a real passion for baking and started her own company during the COVID pandemic. Jessie loves being involved in the community and volunteering in any way possible. During her time at McMaster, Jessie was the co-president of the McMaster Varsity Athletic leadership committee and mental health executive as well. Jessie was also a part of the McMaster athlete care program, volunteering and helping the less fortunate in the Hamilton community!

In an interview with Jessie, we asked her, “What made you want to come work at EVP?” She responded with, “The main reason I wanted to come to EVP is to give back to the volleyball community! Throughout my journey, I have been greatly impacted by amazing coaches along the way, and I hope to one day be the coach for athletes I cross paths with”.

Ben Kerkhoff

EVP is extremely excited to welcome one of our newest elite volleyball players, Ben Kerkhoff. 

Ben is joining our team at EVP in a coaching position that will allow him to share his expertise and knowledge while giving a deeper insight into high-performance play. 

Ben has three years of high-level coaching experience, including 17u and 18u boys at MAC, while in the summer he coached Team Ontario. Ben has also represented Canada in the under 21 Beach World Championship in Thailand, and placed first in the Youth Beach Provincial Open. 

Ben is very excited to continue his coaching career and to help new players grow. Ben’s passion for volleyball is reflected in his professionalism and love for the game, which will prove to be a major benefit to our players. 

Outside of volleyball, Ben loves to spend time outdoors and enjoys relaxing with his family. Ben enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, and playing board games. Currently, Ben is going into his fourth year at McMaster University, where he is studying Honors Biology and Environmental Science with a minor in Business. Once Ben graduates, he hopes to go to teachers college and pursue a career as a teacher. 

In an interview with Ben, we asked why he wanted to become a part of EVP, in which he responded, “I choose to work at EVP because I heard it was a fun environment full of hard working coaches and athletes”.