2023 Eagles Rep Tryouts

Are you ready to put on the Eagles uniform this year?


Starting September 9th, EVP will be running Rep tryouts for the 2023/2024 indoor season. These tryouts are intended for any athletes that are ready to take their game to the next level. As an organization that has been a part of youth sports for many years, we understand that joining a Rep team is more than just a volleyball experience. All our staff, coaches, and players have a true passion, not only for the game, but the community around us. Becoming an Eagle allows youth players to learn how to be a part of a team while creating lasting bonds that strengthen teams on and off the court.


If you are interested in becoming an Eagle, you are encouraged to sign up for our tryouts. Click here to view tryout dates.


NOTE: To accommodate the volume of players at tryouts this year, some tryouts will be split into Groups A, B, and C. If your tryout has a Group A, B, or C option, please choose one and come to their respective tryout times. There is no difference between the Group A, B, or C tryouts except the dates and time. Each player will have a fair opportunity to try out for their team!