Below are the rep training ages:

  • Rookie girls (12U-13U)
  • Junior girls (14U-15U)
  • Senior girls (16U-18U)
  • Boys (U14-U18)
– First and foremost, arrive as close to your start time as possible (no more than 10 minutes before scheduled time). If you happen to arrive earlier please remain in your vehicle until the start of the program.
– Check in at the desk and get your temperature checked
– Ensure you have your mask (available for purchase at facility if you don’t have one)
– Sanitize/wash your hands
– Wait in your courts designated area until coaches further instructions.
– Even while in the waiting area players must stay six feet apart and should stay as distant as possible.
– A coach will then escort you to your designated court
– Bring ALL your belongings with you (towel, shoes, water, sunscreen, sun glasses and medication if need be.
– Once you have entered the courts there is only one way to exit which is through the back courts, on to the grass and through the parking lot.
– There will be NO USE OF THE SHOWERS, and we are trying to keep the washroom use to a minimal.
– Please bring plenty of water to drink during practice. We have a snack bar at the facility that sells water, but nowhere to refill so please have enough water for practices and a towel to avoid touching your face during practice.

There will be a bucket of water and sanitizer on each court that the players will be responsible for washing the ball (5-10 seconds) and then tossing it back to the coach. THIS PROCEDURE IS REALLY IMPORTANT AND MUST BE FOLLOWED. 

During games, and most drills, we will be operating a 3 ball system. For example:
Ball A is the Rally Ball, Ball B is in Coaches/Refs hands ready to go for the next Rally and Ball C is on the ground waiting. Once the Rally has ended, Ball B is the new Rally Ball, Ball C is in the Coaches/Refs hand
and Ball A will be placed in the bucket of cleaning solution for 5-10 seconds by the players and then tossed back to the coach. Repeat the process until the completion of the practice.
– Once programs are completed, kids will leave the court area with their designated group one person at a time. Kids will grab all their belongings and have their hands sanitized at the exit door which is located in between courts 4 and 5. Once you have exited the court, players will be asked to head to their vehicles immediately or wait on the grass until your parents have arrived.

ATTENTION PLAYERS: We know everyone is excited to be back training again, but we need to continue to control our distancing in between one another. Rules will be enforced and players need to follow them to the best of their abilities. Kids will be told if/when they are not following the rules, if the rules have to be told to a certain athlete more than once we will ask that athlete to sit out the remainder of the session.

We look forward to seeing you at the courts!!