New Eagles Rep Clinics!

The wait is finally over! In the last two months, EVP has been tirelessly working to create a new website and it’s ready to rock. This new website will give you a much smoother registration process for all our programs and will create a central hub for communication.

Speaking of registration, EVP is announcing a huge new opportunity for its Eagles. We are now accepting registrations for our “In Season Skills Clinics.” This is a chance for Eagles to come out and work on specific skills. Want to learn how to be a more effective middle blocker? No problem! Can’t seem to get that jump serve down? Not to worry! Want to frustrate other teams with your amazing defensive digs? Get your shovel ready! These clinics are absolutely free and for Eagles players only. There will be over 70 clinics so every player can get lots of touches and will run until the end of March.

The different types of clinics are:

1. Outside Hitters

2. Middle Hitters

3. Setters

4. Serving

5. Jump Serving

6. Defence + Serve Receive

Don’t let an opportunity like this pass you by, sign up today and elevate your game!