Lots of Space Available for Boys Tryouts

As the sport of volleyball has grown in Ontario, the number of male athletes turning towards the sport has also grown as well. Ontario has shown recent success at the international level, Olympic exposure that has trickled down to our Junior National teams and OUA/OCAA teams making an impact nation wide. As a result, the demand for young male athletes turning to volleyball is high, but there still remains a need for more teams to field these athletes.


Last year for the EVP Eagles, saw the number of boys tryout double in numbers, and the club expanded from having one boys team to having two. The year before that, was the first year in EVP’s existence that had a boys team. Despite the success, the boys side of many teams often have fewer trying out than girls.


“We started this club with the vision of co-ed youth volleyball, and we had featured teams for every age group or girls ages 13-18. At the inception of the club, it was tougher to have boys come and tryout for rep volleyball.


Once we had established our brand, we tried to launch a team for the boys. It took 3 years to properly field a team for the boys side of the game, and since then we’ve grown by the numbers annually. We are expecting a number of male athletes trying out this year, and we’ve introduced a 13u and 16u boys team to the mix this year. We’ve also dedicated some of our best coaching staff towards our boys to continue the growth of that side of our program.” – EVP President Matt Green.


The boys teams will be spearheaded by Head Coaches John Pham, Jordan Murray, Shayne Palmer and Kevin Chien. Each coach having represented their team at the varsity level, and are looking to bring the compete level and experience of Men’s Volleyball to the club. There is a lot of space still available for tryouts come September 11th 2018, and we are encouraging all boys for ages 13u, 14u, 15u and 16u to come tryout for the club. Both the 13u and 14u teams will not be having any returning players since they are brand new, so there is opportunity for a full squad at tryouts. Alongside our boys rep program, will be our boys house league program that is also launching in the fall. Details for the boys house league are coming soon, stay posted.