Indoor Co-Ed League Schedules

2018 Winter Indoor Co-Ed League Schedules

Attention: Please allow yourself extra time to get to your games as there is construction in the area of Clearview Church which will delay your commute by about 5-10 minutes. Another 5-10 min would suffice.

Please Read the Following Rules and Notes:

  • Schedules will be updated every 3 weeks, tiered system. 
  • The 3rd team that is sitting off will be responsible for scorekeeping (priority). Or if a team is short, you can sub in for teams playing.
  • Games will be timed during the regular season. Playoffs will be best 2 out of 3 sets, 25, 25 and 15 points if necessary. 
  • Serves: One foot over the red line on serve is allowed. All teams that are in Tier 1 has unlimited serves, whereas Tier 2 has a maximum 5 serves per person and a rotation must take place.
  • Please call your own net touch or double touch violations (volleying). Especially net violations as some players have come dangerously close to injuring themselves or others. This is safety first issue. 
  • Back row players (3 players in the back) cannot come up to the net to spike or block. They can spike from the attack line provided they “take off” with both feet behind the line. 
  • If players are uncertain if a ball was out or in, please re-serve the ball.