Indoor Volleyball House Leagues

Since its inception, over 100 kids who have played in one of our house leagues have moved on to play Rep with the EVP Eagles!

EVP Indoor Volleyball House Leagues are designed for youth to learn the game of volleyball in a team-oriented environment. As EVP’s newest addition, the house league program will be similar to a club volleyball experience in a more recreational manner. For U13 and U15 Girls teams, each weekly session includes 1.5 hours of team practice and a league game on Saturday or Sunday. For our newest addition, U15 Boys, the practice and games will take place on the same day. First, 1 hour of Practice, then 1/2 hour of game play. Practices have been structured to mirror our rep program design that focuses on individual skill development and collaboration with teammates.

The season will consist of a 10 week session (2 weeks preseason, 6 weeks regular season and 2 weeks for playoffs). The two weeks of pre-season will focus on team orientation and developing a basic volleyball understanding. Players will take part in team building activities and develop an understanding of basic game play rotation. Teams will compete once a week on their scheduled game day. At the end of the season there will be medals for the top three teams, along with separate team awards in a variety of categories. All athletes will receive their very own team jersey, bag, and t-shirt. We are very excited to provide this unique program for our local volleyball community.

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