EVP's NHL survivor pool will be starting on the 30th of January. Participants must select one NHL team every Thursday and Saturday. Picks must be sent to fundraising@evpcanada.com by midnight the day before. You may choose the same team as many times as you would like, but can not choose the same team 2 games in a row. Schedules will be sent out to participants for that weeks games by Monday night.


The Cost

Option 1: For $15 you may join the pool. If your team does not win on that Thursday or Saturday, you are eliminated. If they win, you continue to the next game.

Option 2: For $20 you will be given 1 lifeline. If the team you have selected loses, you will be re-entered into the pool one time.



All money raised through picks will go into the pot. The winner (or winners if it comes to that) will get 50% of the prize money, with the other 50% going to help run EVP programs.



Picks can be sold to anyone, whether they are a part of an EVP program or not.

There are some incentives to selling picks:

  • Sell 10 picks & receive an EVP hat or Toque
  • Sell 20 picks & receive an authentic EVP design T-shirt and hoodie
  • Sell 30 picks & receive an authentic EVP design T-shirt + $100.00 in EVP credit


Good luck!