EVP's NHL survivor pool will be starting on the 30th of January. Participants must select one NHL team every Thursday and Saturday. Picks must be sent to by midnight the day before. You may choose the same team as many times as you would like, but can not choose the same team 2 games in a row. Schedules will be sent out to participants for that weeks games by Monday night.


The Cost

Option 1: For $15 you may join the pool. If your team does not win on that Thursday or Saturday, you are eliminated. If they win, you continue to the next game.

Option 2: For $20 you will be given 1 lifeline. If the team you have selected loses, you will be re-entered into the pool one time.



All money raised through picks will go into the pot. The winner (or winners if it comes to that) will get 50% of the prize money, with the other 50% going to help run EVP programs.



Picks can be sold to anyone, whether they are a part of an EVP program or not.

There are some incentives to selling picks:

  • Sell 10 picks & receive an EVP hat or Toque
  • Sell 20 picks & receive an authentic EVP design T-shirt and hoodie
  • Sell 30 picks & receive an authentic EVP design T-shirt + $100.00 in EVP credit


Good luck!