EVP is excited to announce that former professional player John Moate has joined our staff in a full-time role as our new Technical Director! John’s experience in the volleyball world, as well as his degree in Kinesiology, is going to be a huge benefit to everyone within EVP.


As Technical Director, John is going to be working with Robbie Bodanis to help establish the high-performance program we began to implement before COVID-19. That program will take EVP’s most competitive athletes and prepare them for a future in Volleyball that includes regional and team Ontario tryouts, as well as a life beyond OVA into post-secondary and coaching.


Along with the high-performance program, John will also be establishing an at-home workout routine for all athletes of all levels. This is by no means mandatory but is recommended for all athletes trying to make the leap into rep programs, into the high-performance program, or into a post-secondary career in Volleyball. All the exercises will be easily accessible for everyone, only using equipment that can be found in any household.


EVP head coach Owen Scarrow went to high school with John and sat down with him this week to learn more about what drove him towards volleyball, as well as his life playing post-secondary and professionally.



Owen: What sports did you play before volleyball?

John: Before I settled on volleyball, I spent a lot of my childhood playing high level baseball, hockey, and basketball as I got closer to high school. Throughout high school I played basketball, volleyball and baseball for the Iroquois Ridge High School teams!


O: What got you into volleyball? Tell me about your transition from other sports into volleyball.

J: I started playing volleyball for my high school in grade nine all the way through high school. I never played club volleyball but loved the long rallies, the teamwork it took and especially liked my high school head coach!


O: Why did you end up sticking with volleyball?

J: I stuck with playing volleyball because of the relationships I built within the sport. I always had fun with my teammates and my coaches at the university level were good mentors for me and gave me so many opportunities I never could have dreamed of!


O: How did you transition from entering volleyball to your high level at the OUA level and beyond? If I’m correct you never played OVA?

J: I never played in the OVA so my transition to University volleyball was difficult. I was put on the team as a red-shirt for my first season where I studied the game a lot and tried to perfect my skills which were severely behind the rest of the team. It wasn’t until my second season that I started to see some playing time in pre-season games and tournaments.


O: Talk about some awards you have won, records you broke/held, and teams you have made.

J: Throughout my university career I was named to 3 OUA All-Star teams, named the Athlete of the Year at the University of Windsor as top male athlete and was named to an All-Canadian Team. Although I’m very proud of those awards, my favourite memories comes from playing at the FISU games in Italy and Taiwan while representing Team Canada at a top level.


O: Tell me a little bit about your professional experience (best moments, biggest challenges, etc.)

J: This past season I was lucky enough to play professionally for a team in Germany. It was an awesome year filled with lots of new experiences and the best volleyball talent I have ever been around. My favourite memory was playing against Berlin in front of 6,000 fans. Although we lost it was a game I’ll remember forever.


O: Tell us about what John does outside of volleyball.

J: As a graduate of Kinesiology, I recently completed a certification to become a strength and conditioning coach through the NSCA. I love working with athletes in the gym to help them become stronger, faster and more athletic than their competitors. When I am not working, I like to play guitar, play spike ball or basketball with friends and spend time with my dog!


O: Why come back to EVP?

J: I am excited to be working with EVP this year because I know the reputation it has for putting their athletes first. I’m excited to help the younger athletes get better at the basic skills and can’t wait to help some of the older athletes to take their game to the next level.  Being surrounded by awesome coaches will help me be able to make a smooth transition from being a player to becoming a coach!