Before entering the gym

  • If you or anybody in your family have any sort of symptoms, whether it be COVID, cold, or flu, please do not show up for training.
  • When entering the gym, you must wear a mask until you are on the court.
  • Athletes, please do not enter the gym until your practice start. Do not show up until 5 minutes before your practice. Athletes who enter the gym before their scheduled time will be asked to wait outside.


While training

  • No spectators will be allowed during training. Parents dropping their kids off will not be allowed in the gym.
  • If you are going to the bathroom you must wear a mask.
  • Masks are mandatory during training.
  • Coaches will be wearing masks for 100% of the practice.
  • We are urging each athlete to bring their own hand sanitizer. Each coach will have some on them, and every time an athlete leaves the court for water, they must sanitize before they come back onto the court.
  • Please bring enough water for the whole practice. Most water fountains at the gyms will be taped off and unable to be used.
  • All practices will end 10 mins before the scheduled end time for athletes to leave the gym, and for equipment to be cleaned before the next session arrives in the gym.
  • Only 10 people, including coaches, will be allowed in the gym at once.


If you have any questions or concerns about these protocols, please contact your head coach, Matt Green (905-483-6288), or Riley Cullis (905-320-1430).