EVP Fall 2021 Program Lineup

EVP is happy to announce that our full indoor program lineup is back this Fall 2021, with more options to play for every age group! While we know everyone is feeling a little bit rusty, we have expanded our list of programs this fall so that there is a program for every skill level. Our team is excited to welcome you back and to see all the new faces that come out this fall!


U13 and U15 house league

Over the last few years, our House League program has been our fastest-growing program seeing over 500 athletes participate annually. In House League, athletes will learn more advanced skills than just bumping and volleying the ball. Athletes will learn to block, defensive movements, gameplay scenarios and so much more. During house league, athletes will be trained by our best rep coaches! House league players receive one practice and a Sunday game-day once a week. House league athletes will compete in one tournament during the season and participate in playoffs at the end of the session. It is important to note that our House League program has been the biggest feeder into our Rep Program, with more than 40% of current Eagles players coming from our House Leagues!

Ages range from 13-15 in the U15 category and 12 & under in the U13. If you are interested in registering or have a friend who is, you can sign up HERE


Development League

Development league was created for beginners who have minimal experience playing volleyball. Here the athletes will learn the basics of bumping, setting, serving, spiking, and blocking. While there is always time left over for games, the focus isn’t as much on gameplay as it is on mastering the basic skills of volleyball! Athletes will learn the basics through several skill-specific and fun drills. If you are between the ages of 9-14 and looking to begin your journey into volleyball, development league is the right program for you! You can register HERE



Our SPIKES program is meant for younger athletes ages 5-8 who want to get introduced to the game of volleyball. It is an opportunity to get familiar with the sport and increase early success, that is why EVP is always excited to run our SPIKES program. In SPIKES, we learn the basic skills of volleyball: bumping, setting, serving, and some spiking. If you have a young child between 5-8 who is looking for volleyball, SPIKES is definitely the way to go. Registration is open and can be found HERE


High School Spike Out Program

This year we are excited to offer our high school spike out program for ages 15-17. In this program, the majority of our focus is on gameplay. Since most of our spike-out athletes have already developed their basic skills, we focus on breaking down game strategies and scenarios. A typical session is 30 minutes of skill, followed by an hour of gameplay. This program allows athletes to go more in-depth into gameplay than our house league program can. If your teenager is looking to get more practical experience, you can register HERE


Parent/Player Program

If your child is too young for a development program or too shy to do a SPIKES program themselves, the parent/player program may be the right choice. In this program, children and parents participate together. This is a great way for both parents and children to enter the sport of volleyball, and a great way to spend time with your kids. The biggest benefit is you get to be your own child’s coach. While coaches will be there to facilitate drills, everything is run one-on-one between the parent and their child. If you would like to register, click HERE


Adult League

One of the unfortunate cuts that had to be made last year was our adult leagues. This year we are hopping right back into it with three nights of adult league running Tuesday-Thursday! Skill levels range from recreational all the way to competitive, including a competitive reverse 6’s league. Adult leagues are for anyone 18 and older with the option to sign up as a team or as an individual. It has been a while since our adult players got some indoor playing time and we cannot wait to see you on the courts! To sign up click HERE


Whichever program you choose for this fall, EVP cannot wait to see you on the courts again!