With Halton being moved into the red-zone of Ontario’s COVID-19 response plan, EVP will have to enforce new procedures to align ourselves with the Ontario government and OVA’s guidelines. This document will outline some previous procedures we have had and will also include some new ones that we will begin to enforce immediately.


Of the new changes, the biggest and most important are:

  • Physical distancing must always be maintained. Up until now, that did not mean during training. As of now it will include during training.
  • Masks must be worn at all times by all players and coaches.
    • Up until now, EVP could not mandate mask wearing. It is now required by all players.
    • If you have a medical exemption, you may opt to not wear a mask or wear it part-time while training. While off the court masks are still mandatory.


The new red-zone procedures are as followed:


Before Training

  • Athletes will do at-home screening before they come in. They must ask themselves, and answer no, to the following questions:
    • Have I come in contact with anyone who has been exposed to COVID-19?
    • Has anyone in my household been out of Canada in the past 14 days?
    • Am I feeling any symptoms that could be related to COVID-19?
  • Immediately before leaving your house to drive to practice, you must wash your hands.
  • EVP recommends that all athletes bring their own hand sanitizer. If they do not have any, your coach will have some with them at practice.


During Training

  • When entering the gyms, it is important to know where to leave your bags.
    • Maple Grove – spread out 2m apart in the lobby and bring only water into the gym
    • KSM – spread out 2m apart in the lobby and bring only water into the gym
    • Paul’s – spread out 2m on the stage at the end
    • Clearview – leave bags on the bench to your left in the hall and bring only water into the gym
  • Masks will be mandatory at all times moving forward.
  • Athletes must always maintain a physical distance of 2m from all other athletes and coaches. This means:
    • There will be no blocking.
    • Middle attacks will be limited to shoots (31’s) and steps. Right side attacks will only be allowed if the set/toss pulls the setter away from the attacker to allow 2m of room.
    • If two players are going for a ball, your coach is required to yell “leave it” three (3) times. Players are required to leave it.
    • Before every rep, if two players are passing, they must call the seam between them in advance. Whoever is not passing in that seam must actively move out of the way if a ball is hit there.
    • Athletes must always stay 2m apart while getting water.
  • Athletes must sanitize their hands before and after water breaks or going to the bathroom.
  • If you begin to feel unwell during training, tell your coach immediately and the following steps will be taken:
    • You will be moved to an isolated area away from your team.
      • Maple Grove – Bathroom
      • Paul’s – Bathroom
      • KSM – Front foyer hallway
      • Clearview – Onto the second court distanced from the doors and nets
    • Your parent/guardian will be contacted immediately to come and pick you up
    • The isolation area will be fully wiped down once you leave
  • It is required that balls be cleaned once during your practice and once at the end. Players will do the cleaning during the practice and the coach will do the cleaning at the end.
  • Practice will end 10 minutes before its scheduled end to leave time for cleaning of volleyballs and all frequently touched surfaces (door handles, volleyball nets, etc.).
  • Players can not switch sides during a drill. Once the drill is done and you have moved onto the next one, players may play on the opposite side.
  • Coaches will avoid touching the balls as much as possible, meaning the emphasis will be on players to introduce balls into the drill as often as possible.
    • 13U and younger, players will only introduce with a toss. If a hit is needed for that drill, the coach will step in.
    • 14U and older, coaches will use their own discretion if/when they should step in to introduce.
  • Athletes will be required to use hand sanitizer just before leaving the gym.


 After Training

  • Athletes are encouraged to wash their hands as soon as they return home.
  • If you begin to feel any symptoms whatsoever, please let your coach know right away.
  • If you or anyone in your household test positive for COVID-19 please let Riley Cullis (riley@evpcanda.com) or Matt Green (mattgreenevp@gmail.com) know immediately.
  • There are guidelines for how we will handle a positive test for both players and coaches. If someone within your team contracts COVID-19, those guidelines will be shared with you then.