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Who Are We?

Elite Volleyball Player Inc. (EVP) was established in 2012. It is a volleyball organization that serves the volleyball community of Ontario.

EVP’s mission is to provide experienced coaches to train and develop the youth of today. Several of our coaches have experience at the national level, which has enabled them to develop an exceptional understanding of the game.

EVP’s coaches strive to enhance the lives of volleyball enthusiasts. They accomplish this by making volleyball more fun and competitive at local, national and international levels.

EVP has something for everyone including Drop-in Volleyball, Youth Training Camps, Youth House Leagues, Adult Leagues, Adult Tournaments, Volleyball Clinics, and much more. You can sign up for our leagues and tournaments as a team or as an individual. For more info, read our FAQ’s.

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EVP Beach Volleyball Mississauga / Oakville
EVP runs a variety of Youth Camps
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Beach Volleyball in Mississauga / Oakville
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