Eagles welcome Pham, Murray, Chien, Cullis and Bodanis to 2017-18 as Head Coaches


This year we are proud to introduce a handful of talented young head coaches, 3 of whom have just finished their Post-Secondary career at their respective varsity teams. With the ever growing number of teams EVP has to offer, John Pham (Mississauga), Jordan Murray (Burlington), Kevin Chien (Mississauga), Riley Cullis (Oakville) and Robbie Bodanis (Mississauga) are all looking to lead their teams into the OVA circuit this season.


As a new coach to the EVP family, John Pham is looking to make his mark in the OVA with the 13u boys.

(John Pham setting for the Durham Lords)

“Pham is one of the biggest acquisitions for EVP this year. Very well known in the GTA volleyball community as an elite level setter, Pham has decided to move forward with his career into coaching. Although it will be no easy task, Pham is taking on a head coaching position for the club right away, given his years of experience at every level of the game. Known for his standout defensive abilities, ability to run an elite level offense and leadership on the court, Pham will be looking to lead a young 13u boys program and compete in the OVA for the first time as a coach. Pham is no stranger to competition, having won medals at OFSSA and ROPSSAA during his time at Rick Hansen Storm alongside EVP Head Coach Robbie Bodanis. Pham recently led his Durham team to their highest place finish at the OCAA Provincial Championships, where they upset the #1 nationally ranked team, the Fanshawe Falcons in the semi finals.”


“Pham expects to help his team fall in love with the sport, as he cites volleyball to be a very difficult sport to play, and just as difficult to love. However, love for the game translates into passion, and passion becomes time dedicated towards growth. Pham also shares his reason for coaching, mainly being that it was time for him to pass on all that he has learned towards the next generation”






           (Pham celebrating at OCAA Championships Semi Finals)              




Also a new coach this year, Jordan Murray who has returned from Memorial University of Newfoundland is looking to share his experience and compete with the 14u boys.

(Jordan Murray, 4th year Memorial University of Newfoundland Seahawks Men’s Varsity Volleyball)

“Murray, a hometown athlete is another huge acquisition for the EVP Eagles. Murray spent his varsity career playing for the Memorial University of Newfoundland Seahawks, where in his rookie season captured rookie of the year honours, leading his team in every stat category. Murray finished third overall in the Atlantic CIS conference with 142 Kills, 2.84 Kills per set and 3.2 Points per set finishing with 159.5 points Murray also collected 81 digs, 13 blocks and 10 aces in 16 matches. Murray also was the first ever AUS rookie to earn CIS Rookie of the year nominations. Murray, a 6’4 leftside is known for his versatility, strong defensive skillset and his ability to score in every situation. Having played volleyball only since his 16u year, Murray is limited to only 7 years of experience, 2 of which he had been injured. However, Murray’s steady growth and skyrocketed potential led him to become the dominant player he is today. Murray will be stepping in this year as a 1st year head coach, and will be taking the 14u boys, a brand new team on their first experience in the OVA circuit.”

(Murray scoring against UNB at home in the AUS division)                                                                                                                                                                                           (Murray celebrating a point with the Seahawks)


“Murray expects only one simple thing from his team, and that is for them to be “better everyday.”



Returning to EVP are Coaches Kevin Chien, Robbie Bodanis and Riley Cullis.


Chien has been a valuable member of the EVP Coaching staff for a number of years now, but this year he will be taking on the challenge of Head Coaching the 16u boys team.

(Kevin Chien, 2nd year Sheridan College Bruins Men’s Varsity Volleyball)

“Chien has spent the last 2 years competing with the Sheridan Bruins, who recently made team history and won their first OCAA Medal in over 24 years. Chien is well known among the adult community, and as a coach for all of our programs familiar with many of the kids in the club. Chien is known to be a versatile player, capable of playing all positions at a high competitive level. His experience competing at a high level of volleyball is something he is looking to bring to the club this year along. Chien was an untraditional athlete, having only played 1 year on his school team, no club experience but made the jump to the Varsity Men’s team.”

(Chien celebrating after a big kill against the Boreal Vipers)                                                                                                                                               (Chien scores playing in the OCAA Men’s Volleyball West division)

“Chien expects to share his experience of hard work with any athlete looking to make it to the next level, and share his love of the game with younger athletes hoping to create that same passion.”


Bodanis who coached with the Eagles last year as an assistant coach on the 16u Girls team, will be making the leap to a Head Coaching position for the 17/18u Girls.

(Robbie Bodanis, assistant coaching EVP Eagles 16u girls)

“Bodanis, a veteran of the Rick Hansen Storm and SVC club team, brings years of achievements and experience to the mix. Simply known on the court as a player who excels in defense and never gives up on a ball, Bodanis is looking to bring his winning pedigree and work hard mentality to our 17u girls team.”

(Bodanis serving for the Rick Hansen Storm)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (Bodanis and Pham capture ROPSAA Gold)

“Bodanis expects to be sharing his love of the game and provide his team with a solid foundation to take their game to the next competitive level.”


Finally, Cullis returns to the EVP Eagles after being away for school.

(Riley Cullis serving at 17u nationals for Burlington Blaze)

“During her time in London she coached the London Sharks. Cullis is no stranger to the OVA circuit, having now exercised all of her playing years as a member of both the EVP Eagles and Burlington Blaze, where she won Provincial Silver and Gold medals, along with a National Silver medal. A defensive anchor, Cullis has been capable of bringing her mental strength from her competition days and dedicate it towards coaching a young team.”

(Cullis celebrates with her team) 


(Cullis makes the platform)



“Cullis expects her athletes to give 100 percent at all times, regardless of outcome. A personal goal for Cullis is to broaden her own knowledge on various drills and skill development. When asked about her reason for coaching, Cullis simply states that she has always preferred coaching over playing”


All 4 coaches will be joining EVP President Matt Green, Head Coaches Shayne Palmer and Geoff Maw as they lead their teams into the upcoming 2017-18 season competing in the OVA circuit.


Tryouts are being held starting Sept 11th.


Welcome to the Eagles family coaches!